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A Center for Media Research briefing says Gawker Media ranks10th in advertising impressions for the current events and world news segment, with 2.1% of all impressions in the category. The Center cited a February survey from Nielsen/NetRatings as its source. In light of my recent rant about Web domination by incumbent media, I felt obliged to mention the impressive showing by Nick Denton’s upstart brand.

Of course in the current environment, Gawker’s success could simply lead to its assimilation by bigger media but even so it would still show that it’s possible to build prominent new media sites from scratch.

There are many other interesting bits in the Center’s daily briefing for March 25 – age breakdowns of the 79 million U.S. world and local news viewers, size and types of ads, etcetera. I would love to link you to their note but their links and website have been malfunctioning. I recently sent their web administrator a fixit note but so far I have observed no change.

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